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How can get likes on TikTok Videos in 2022?

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In this guide, you’ll learn how to increase likes on your TikTok videos and become a top TikTok influencer. We’ll break down all the different methods to help you get more followers and views on TikTok. This guide will cover the best strategies to help you make your content go viral.

The best platform to get more likes on TikTok

  • Sign up for TikTok: You can sign up for a TikTok account by going to their official website, tiktok.com. On the home page of the site, you will see a red banner that says “Subscribe now” and it will have an option for you to create an account or log in with Facebook or Google+. If you already have an account with either one of these social media platforms, then simply click on your name in order to log into your existing profile and continue from there.
  • If not, then click on “Create Account” and follow all steps carefully until reaching the final step which requires supplying some basic information like full name along with country/state/city where they live currently residing at; once done filling out all required fields successfully (i.e., without leaving anything blank), hit “Create My Account” button before moving ahead towards next screen which displays their privacy policy statement as well as Terms & Conditions documentation necessary reading prior jumping into posting video content onto platform itself so make sure read thoroughly before continuing further; once done reading carefully everything mentioned above than hit “Agree & Create My Profile” button again followed automatically signing up process started immediately afterwards which takes only few seconds before getting confirmation message saying “Welcome Aboard! You’re all set! Check out some great videos now! :)”

Make short funny TikTok videos

If you want to get likes on your videos, make sure your video is short enough to watch and funny enough to watch.

It’s important that your video is short enough for the viewer to actually watch it all the way through, because if they don’t finish watching it then they won’t be able to give their full opinion on whether or not they enjoyed it. If a user doesn’t finish watching all of your content, then TikTok can’t know how they felt about what they’ve seen so far.

If someone doesn’t finish watching one of your videos, there’s no way for them

to leave a comment on that particular post with their feedback on what kind of experience watching it gave them; which means there’s no inside TikTok’s algorithm system (called CARA)

to learn anything about what kinds of things people enjoy seeing in order for those same types of posts/videos surface higher up on its recommendation feed later down the road! In other words: If someone watches only 10 seconds before giving up because something wasn’t funny enough or interesting enough yet… then forget about ever seeing more from YOU again!

Follow the trends

You should also follow the trends, as they are the most popular videos at any given time and are usually the most watched videos, liked videos, commented videos or shared videos.

You can find trends on TikTok by going to your feed and clicking on the “Trends” button in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see all of them in chronological order so that you can see what’s new without having to scroll through thousands of posts!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are the way you can get more exposure and likes on TikTok. The more hashtags you use, the more people will see your videos. That’s because they’ll begin to search for those hashtags and then find your videos!

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that when choosing hashtags, make sure they’re relevant to what you’re posting. This way, it’s easier for people to find them and click on them (which means more views). You should also try using different styles of hashtags: shorter ones or longer ones; words with no spaces or words with spaces in between them; pluralized words vs singularized words; punctuation marks included? etcetera. Keep experimenting until something sticks!

Use trending sounds

The Trending Sounds that you can use in your videos include:

  • Me Gusta
  • Hey Song
  • Bleep Bloop (You Know What)
  • Dab On Em

Use popular filters

It is recommended that you use the filters that match your video, as they will help to make it fit in with the other videos on TikTok. For example, if your video is a comedy and you want to stand out from others who use the same style of jokes, then it’s better to use a filter which has bright colours and something fun in it.

You should also consider using filters that match your personality or style. If you’re into gaming or sports then maybe try an action-packed filter – this could show how much fun you have with these things and make people want to watch more!

Finally, consider what kind of content is featured in other videos similar to yours. Are there any themes running through them? Are there any common aesthetic features among them all? If so then think about how this might affect what type of filter would work best for yours

Methods of increasing videos likes

If you want to get more likes on TikTok, then you have to follow the tips and tricks above. Here’s what you should do:

  • Make funny short TikTok videos, where you can show your personality.
  • Follow the trend and use hashtags, trending sounds, popular filters etc.
  • Use live streaming on TikTok because it’s very popular on social media nowadays and people love watching live videos from their favorite artists.
  • Post consistently so that people will know when they can expect something new from you!

Go live on TikTok

A little more about TikTok

TikTok is a free short-form video platform that allows users to create and share 15-second clips, with no filters or editing required. The app was created by ByteDance, the same company that owns Musical.ly. It was launched in China in 2016 and later released internationally. Like Musical.ly, it’s become hugely popular among younger generations since its release; according to market research company Sensor Tower, it reached 100 million downloads within six months of launch and now boasts over 500 million users worldwide (though some are likely bots).

In addition to creating your own videos, you can also watch other people’s content as well as engage with them through likes or comments (if they allow them). You can also share your videos on other social media platforms such as Instagram  or Facebook .

Post consistently

  • Post consistently.
  • Post at the same time every day.
  • Post at the same frequency every day, or post more often than you currently do if it’s infrequent.
  • Other ways to be consistent are posting on the same days of the week, and posting at the same time of day (e.g., 10am).

Use the tips and tricks above to get more likes on TikTok.

Now that you know the basics of making a TikTok video, it’s time to get more likes on your posts. In this section we’ll cover some advanced strategies for getting more views and likes on TikTok.

Get More Views With These Tips And Tricks:

  • Post regularly (but not too often) – It’s good to post every day or every few days, but if you post too often people will lose interest in seeing your content since they’re already inundated with updates from their friends and other influencers they follow on the app.
  • Be consistent with what kind of content you create – Your followers want consistency because it shows them that they can expect more of the same when they click into your profile page or subscribe to your channel once in awhile by checking back later for new updates about something interesting happening in our lives! So make sure not only do I have some sort of theme running through my feed but also make sure there’s variety within those themes so people don’t get bored looking at my stuff over time–make sense?


TikTok provides a platform for people to express themselves in any way they want. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to grow your business when you get more likes on TikTok videos. When using this site, you need to be creative and make funny videos that will capture the attention of the viewers. It is also important to post consistently and use trending hashtags when posting your video because it will increase the chances of getting more likes.

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