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Danny Duncan Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make from YouTube?

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One of the popular American YouTubers and online personalities, Danny Duncan, has a net worth of $7 million as of 2021. Duncan is primarily well-known for his charming and funny personality. He is adamant that YouTube is the best place to showcase talent.

American YouTube celebrity, actor, comedian, and musician Garry Winthrope is better known by his stage name, Danny Duncan. In 2014, Duncan began uploading videos on his YouTube channel.

Over the years, Danny’s YouTube channel has steadily grown, gaining millions of fans and subscribers. More than 6.11 million people subscribe to the channel.

His skateboarding and practical jokes videos garner many of Danny Duncan’s YouTube subscribers. Most of the humor in the prank videos is sarcastic.

Duncan’s most-watched videos on the channel include

  • Falling with 30,000 Pennies was uploaded four years ago and has received 30 million views.
  • Twenty million people have viewed Danny Duncan/Best of 2019, uploaded a year ago.
  • Fourteen million people have viewed Danny Duncan/Best of 2018, posted two years ago.
  • Surprised My Sister with a New Vehicle!, which was uploaded three years ago and has 12 million views.
  • Uploaded three years ago, Danny Duncan’s fourth grocery shopping video has received 10 million views.

Danny Duncan is active on all major social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

How Danny Duncan Has Spent His Early Life

Danny Duncan was born in Englewood, Florida, on July 27, 1992. He is Sue Duncan’s son. He lost both of his parents when he was a very young child.

Matthew is the name of Duncan’s half-brother and sister. In “Lemon Bay High School,” he finished his high school studies.

He then began working for Walgreen. He left the work after a certain period. Subsequently, he began instructing actor Jason Lee. That was a contract position.

Jason Lee advised him to pursue acting. But he chose to showcase his skills on YouTube. Keep learning more about his professional background.


When Danny Duncan first began working at Waldburger, he had just graduated from high school. Yet he never became enamored with his job. Because of this, he quit his work. Subsequently, he briefly trained an actor.

Subsequently, on March 7, 2014, he signed up for YouTube. At first, Danny Duncan began collaborating with YouTube sensation Herbert Han. He also began creating prank videos early on in his YouTube career.

He rapidly rose to fame in a matter of years. One of Danny Duncan’s most popular videos is “Danny Duncan | Best Of 2019.” In actuality, the video has already received over 20 million views.

The fact that Danny Duncan keeps strong contact with his family is among the wonderful things. Also, he included members of his family in a number of the videos on his YouTube account. Duncan’s mother and sister have specifically been highlighted on his channel.

Danny Duncan began his own business in the year 2019 after previously creating videos and posting them to YouTube. He is a die-hard traveler who has visited most well-known US cities.

Duncan took Jason’s advice to heart and immediately joined forces with fellow vlogger Christopher Chan. On his YouTube channel, he uploaded numerous prank videos that he had produced.

Duncan published his first popular video in 2016, “Falling with 30,000 Pennies.” Since then, the video has received over 30 million views and is the most popular on the channel.

Danny Duncan is a popular vlogger, in addition to being a musician and aspiring actor. Since then, he has only made one music track available, but he has several more in the works.

Danny Duncan’s Net Worth

Danny Duncan’s estimated net worth as of 2021 is $7 million. A sizeable chunk of Duncan’s fortune comes from his YouTube channel, which generates income from sponsored adverts and monetized videos.

Danny Duncan keeps up a lively presence on a number of other important social media sites, in addition to YouTube. He has a lot of power. Thus, inferring that he makes a respectable living from those websites is reasonable.

How did Danny Duncan Earn His Net Worth?

In essence, Danny Duncan began his career as a regular worker. He has gained wealth since he started YouTubing. He has a sizable yearly income.

His YouTube channel is rapidly expanding. His income is therefore rising at a similar rate. He also amassed wealth as a successful actor, YouTuber, and internet celebrity.

And like most internet stars, Danny Duncan makes money from selling goods. Duncan introduced his products in 2017 under the moniker “Virginity Rocks.” Around a year after he first released his products, Danny started a national tour on July 13, 2018, to promote the business. The tour began in Los Angeles and ended on August 2 in Chicago. Either on his official website or through his social media profiles, Danny sells items.

How much does Danny Duncan make per year?

He frequently creates humorous videos. Furthermore, he posts the videos on his YouTube account. Danny Duncan’s channel has almost 5.5 million subscribers.

YouTube advertising is how he makes the majority of his income. In addition, he generates income from sponsored articles. How much Danny Duncan earns annually, monthly, weekly, and daily?

  • Daily: $700
  • Per week: $4900
  • per month: $19500
  • Annual: $234,000


We know he wastes a lot of his money from watching his films. He paid one man’s rent for a year, bought his mother a new house, and bought his sister and manager new cars. When a 16-year-old he had met at a skatepark took a job at a Jack-in-the-Box to support his family during a father’s surgery that would keep him out of commission for three months,

With the purchase of a Charros food truck, Danny helped the adolescent launch his own company while covering the family’s three months’ rent. He collaborated with the Charlotte County, Florida, sheriff’s office in December 2020 to give $2,500 checks instead of tickets to the motorists they stopped.

A struggling grandmother received a brand-new automobile from him in the same film. Also, he sponsored the Danny Duncan contest in December 2020, with a new Tesla as the top prize.

Battle of YouTuber vs. TikToker 

One boxing battle between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom was all over your social media. Danny will take part in that, but who he will face off against is unknown.

The struggle is all about the competition between social media influencers and ultimately determining which of the two categories is best. There will also be appearances from Tanner Fox, Nate Wyatt, Tayler Holder, Faze Jarvis, Deji, Vinnie Hacker, Michael Le, and DDG, among other well-known internet personalities.

Before entering the ring, Danny is already engaged in combat. He uploaded a photo of the battle poster with the message, “F-k Tiktokers.”

These creators will benefit from this struggle in a number of ways, including increased visibility and influence and, in some cases, a sizable financial reward. Bryce stated in the open that he would receive $5,000,000 for participating. Also, Bryce mentioned on a recent episode of BFFS (the podcast hosted by Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy) that Danny was certain of making a million dollars or more just for participating in the battle.

Danny Duncan is, without a doubt, a well-known individual. He is a well-known comedian, online celebrity, and YouTube personality. But Danny Duncan’s top-notch comedy and practical jokes videos helped boost his fame and fortune.

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