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In the past week, police have charged a man from New South Wales with stealing firearms from outlaw motorcycle gang members. In Queensland, a bikie kingpin’s escape plans were scuppered after police intercepted his family’s phone calls. Police also seized a firearm and ammunition during a search of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang clubhouse in Sydney’s northwest.

And in what has been described as Australia’s biggest drug bust, Australian Border Force officers have seized 1.7 tonnes of ice worth $1 billion in Melbourne. The largest haul of the drug ever discovered at an Australian border was hidden inside stereo speakers shipped from Bangkok

Man charged with stealing bikies’ guns

Man charged with stealing bikies' guns

A man has been charged with stealing guns from a bikie gang.

The weapons were found inside the home of 41-year-old Daniel James Delle, who was arrested after police stopped him on his way to work at a quarry in Sydney’s west.

He has since been charged with possessing drugs, possessing a prohibited weapon, and breaching bail conditions.

Police also found ammunition and other items belonging to the Bandidos bikie gang in his car during their search.

Bikie kingpin’s escape plans were scuppered after phone interception

The Australian Crime Commission has revealed that a Queensland bikie kingpin’s escape plans were foiled after police intercepted phone calls.

The Courier-Mail reports the plans were discovered following a covert operation, which had been ongoing for several months.

The paper says officers listening in on the phone calls discovered the identity of a suspected drug trafficker, who was later arrested.

He’s now set to face court over charges including drug trafficking and possession of restricted drugs with intent to sell or supply.

Bikies’ firearm seized

Bikies' firearm seized

A bikie gang member’s firearm has been seized by police in Sydney.

The weapon was found during a search executed at a property in the southwest of the city on Tuesday, 7 June 2019.

Police arrested and charged an 18-year-old man with possession of a prohibited weapon and possessing a prohibited item in connection with this matter. The man is expected to appear before Parramatta Local Court on Wednesday, 8 June 2019.

Biggest drug bust in human history

The largest drug bust in human history has been made in Australia after police seized approximately 900kg of cocaine from a yacht near Sydney.

The haul was discovered onboard a luxury superyacht named Lady Mary 2 which was anchored off the coast of New South Wales.

It is believed to be the biggest seizure of its kind in Australian waters and one of the largest ever made by the NSW Police Force, which estimates it’s worth AUD$900 million ($684m).

Bikie gang leader’s drug addict ex can’t stop partying during a family holiday

Bikie gang leader's drug addict

The former partner of a bikie gang leader has been arrested for drug possession while on holiday with her young children.

The woman was arrested after police allegedly found a blade, marijuana, and the prescription drug Xanax in the car she was driving.

She had already been charged with drug possession, breaching a parole order, and driving while suspended when she was picked up by officers at Peppers Creek on Queensland’s Gold Coast on Friday night.

The latest bikie news

The latest bikie news is that bikies are being targeted by the police and that they are trying to get rid of them.

The latest bikie news is that some people think that the government should do more to try and help the people in their community who are struggling with drug addiction, mental health issues, and homelessness.

The government disagrees and says these services should be provided by private companies so they can make money off them while cutting costs for taxpayers – especially since it’s been shown repeatedly now through research studies over many years how much better outcomes are when you provide these services publicly rather than privatizing them (which increases inequity).


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