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How to make a perfect Food Box from Cardboard

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When it comes to protecting your foods or baked items, every food manufacturer needs a durable and beautiful solution. This can be achieved using cardboard gift boxes with lid. You can use a cardboard material to make almost any shape of the box that you need.

In this post we have shared an easy guide on how to make food boxes from cardboard in just few steps. By following this guide, you can make the perfect food boxes for a variety of items like bread, cookies and other snacks

Choose the cardboard food boxes


There are dozens of ways to make a cardboard food box, but the two most popular are the traditional and the modern. The traditional method is based on origami, while the modern method involves cutting out squares from a sheet of brown paper.

When deciding which one you want to use, consider:

  • Your skill level with origami. If you’re new to this type of art form and don’t know what it involves, then it might be best for now just to do some research into how they work and try making one later on once you have more experience under your belt.

Decorate if you need

  • You can decorate the box with a sticker or a drawing.
  • Use a black marker to draw a face.
  • Use paint, paintbrush and paintbrush holder (not included) to paint the box.
  • Glue stick (not included) is used to glue on pictures and words if you prefer this method over drawing them yourself.
  • Hole punch (not included) is used for making holes where needed in your food boxes so they can be hung up easily when done filling them with food items like cookies!

Draw a line closer to the edge of the sheet

Now, you’ll want to draw a line on your cardboard. It should be a few inches closer to the edge of the sheet than where you’d like to end up with your food box. You don’t want it too close because then your box won’t hold together well, but if you’re using heavy-duty cardboard as we did here, this isn’t an issue.

Using a ruler or straight edge will help ensure that you get your lines nice and straight! You can use whatever tool is most comfortable for drawing lines: pencils, pens, crayons—anything works fine!

Once again: make sure all of these lines are straight before proceeding further into our tutorial!

Create four sections from the remaining length

Now that you have your four sides, use the score lines to help you fold each flap inward. Repeat this process for all of the flaps on each panel until they’re all folded inwards.

Now that your box is scored and folded into four sections, it’s time to bend each side at an angle so that it creates a 90-degree angle with the bottom of your box. The result should be something akin to a cube shape—or a rectangle if you prefer!

Score the lines while using thicker cardboard


The first step is to score the lines while using thicker cardboard. If you have a ruler, just use it to make a line along the edge of your box cutter. You can also use a box cutter itself as long as you don’t cut through too much of your piece (if you do, throw it away and start over).

If all else fails, try using a utility knife instead by drawing an X with one end and then cutting along each side at an angle.

cake packaging


  • Start by cutting the top and bottom off of your box. Use a ruler to draw lines where you want to cut, then use a box cutter to score them (cut through one side).
  • Next, cut flaps on all four sides of the box. This will allow you to easily fold it down when packing food in so that there aren’t any sharp edges exposed when you’re done.
  • Then cut out the base so that it’s flat with no extra cardboard attached at all; just try not to damage any part of this piece while doing so! Finally, cut off any excess pieces extending past the outer edges of your base until they’re flush with its front face; then repeat this process on each side before folding them down onto themselves as well.”


  • Fold the sides of your box inwards so that they form a small rectangle.
  • Fold the base of your box upwards so that it looks like a V shape, with the two flaps on either end being parallel to one another and in line with the width of your main body of cardboard.
  • Fold the top down so that it is perpendicular to both sides, creating another small flap at each side (it should look like an L shape).
  • Finally, fold down this final flap at each side (now looking like an upside-down V shape), leaving only one small piece remaining at each end where you will be able to access all four sides through these open spaces when you want to add more things later on!

Cut each flap and Fold Four Sides

Once you’ve cut out your design, fold all the flaps inwards and glue them down. This will create a strong base for your box to sit on.

Then fold the four sides of the box inwards.

Now comes the tricky bit: folding your cardboard into a neat box shape! You’ll need to follow these steps carefully:

  • Fold one edge of each side into an inside corner facing up, just like when making paper snowflakes or origami stars (the black arrows below). Then glue them down so they’re secure; if there’s any gap between where it folds and meets at right angles with itself, add some more glue as well as wrapping some tape around both parts before gluing them together
  • Fold over two opposite edges at once – either side A or side B can face upwards here, but make sure both A & B are facing up when doing this step (the red arrows below). When done correctly all four corners should meet at right angles with each other; if there’s any gaps then add more glue and wrap some tape tightly around the joint before securing everything

Fold The Base of The Box


  • Fold The Base of The Box

Fold the base of the box along its score lines, as shown in the image below. Then, fold back each flap on both sides to form a triangular shape.

  • Fold The Sides of The Box

Fold each side along its score line to form a rectangular shape with an open end facing you and then turn it around so that you can see inside your box (this will allow you to easily access and remove your items when needed).33. Fold Flaps Down Inside Your Box To Make It Look More Finished! Now that all four sides are folded over and attached together, you’ll want to take some time now while they’re still flat so that they can dry completely before we start adding anything else (this will ensure nothing goes wrong later on down the road when putting food in there).


Now you have the perfect box to hold the cake, which will make it look like a work of art. These boxes will be very easy to make and they won’t cost you anything. You can decorate them however you want, and they will be ready in no time at all!

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