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5 Cat Hiding Behaviour and What You Should Know

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Cats are some of the most famous animals in the world, but they may be the least understood. Hiding is a very normal behaviour for cats, and one that every cat owner should be familiar with. In this article, we will explore cat hiding behaviour in depth and explain what you can do to help your cat hide better.

Cat Hiding Behaviour

Cat Hiding Behaviour

Hiding is a natural instinct for cats. It’s their way of protecting themselves and keeping you safe, too. If your cat wants to hide, let her! Cats will often find a quiet spot to rest when they’re feeling ill or stressed out, so if your cat is hiding for more than a few hours at a time, check on her health.

If you have an itchy kitty who keeps scratching herself raw — maybe she has fleas or some other skin condition — then the best way to help her feel better is by giving her space where she can get away from all that discomfort and take care of herself in peace.”

Has your cat lost it?

Are your cats losing it? You may be wondering if your cat is not as sociable and friendly as other cats. It’s a fair question, and we’re here to help you with the answer. Cats are not known for their friendliness. In fact, they’re not even known for their affection—cats do what they want to do, when they want to do it! The same goes for whether or not your cat wants to be held or petted in any way at all: These animals will literally go out of their way to avoid human interaction if given the chance!

Your cat is trying to tell you something

The first thing to know is that cats are very expressive animals. They use their body language to communicate with us, so we can better understand them.

The second thing to know is that if your cat is hiding from you, it might mean one of two things: either they’re stressed out or hurt. Maybe they just came from the vet and are in pain or maybe there’s something else going on in your home which has made them uncomfortable.

So how do you tell if your cat needs help? How do you figure out what’s going on with cat hiding behaviour?

Your cat may have a medical problem

Cat Hiding Behaviour

If your cat is hiding, it’s probably because of a medical problem. A cat may be hiding for the following reasons:

  • If your cat’s eyes are watery or red, he might have an eye infection or other eye problem.
  • If your cat suddenly begins to hide away from his usual sleeping spots, he might be stressed out. Stressful situations that can cause stress include moving to a new home, getting a new pet in the household or even just changing their sleep location (e.g., moving their litter box).

The first step to helping your cat is to do an evaluation

Cat Hiding Behaviour

It is important to note that cat hiding behaviour can be a sign of a medical problem, stress, behavioural problems and/or physical problems.

If you have noticed your cat hiding more than usual, it is important to do an evaluation with your veterinarian. It is possible that your cat may have an underlying health condition or other abnormal symptoms of which you are unaware. The sooner these issues are discovered the better chance there is for successful treatment or management.

The second step to helping your cat is to schedule a vet visit.

The second step to helping your cat is to schedule a vet visit. Keeping your cat healthy is key, and regularly visiting the vet will help keep them from getting sick or injured in the future. Your cat will love it!

To get started, make sure you have all of the necessary information on hand. You’ll need:

  • All documents related to any previous veterinary visits (receipts)
  • Any documents related to current or past medications (prescriptions)

Make sure your cat has a safe and comfortable place.

Cat Hiding Behaviour

Make sure your cat has a safe and comfortable place.

Cats need a place to hide, sleep, play, scratch, eat and go to the bathroom. If you don’t provide them with one of these things they can become stressed and act out in destructive ways such as scratching furniture or urinating on your bed sheets. Cats also get territorial so if you have more than one cat in the house it’s very important that you give each of them their own space so they don’t fight over territory or food sources.

why is my cat hiding all of a sudden

why is my cat hiding suddenly

There are many reasons why a cat might hide in their own home. The first thing to consider is that cats hide when they are suffering from illness or pain. A sudden reduction in appetite, loss of interest in food, or lethargy can all be signs that something isn’t right with your cat and they need to see a vet immediately.

Another common reason for hiding is stress; this could be anything from moving homes to meeting new people or other animals (including other pets). If you have recently added a new pet into the household or you’ve moved house recently, this can cause your cat stress which could lead them to seek solace by hiding away somewhere safe!

Fearful behaviour can also result in cats being found hiding around the house- if there has been an intruder such as an unfamiliar person coming into the house then this could frighten the cat and make them run away fast enough not to get caught again! Cats who feel territorial over certain areas of the home (and especially over toys) may also try and stake their claim on these areas by sitting on top of them when no one else is looking!

why do cats hide from their owners

Cat hiding behaviour

There are a variety of reasons why your cat might be hiding from you, and it’s important to understand them so that you can help calm your pet.

  • Avoiding conflict: Cats are territorial animals who don’t want to compete with you for space or food. They may also feel uncomfortable being around someone who is angry or in a bad mood.
  • Avoiding punishment: Your cat may be hiding because he knows he’s done something wrong and expects punishment from you, even if the incident was unintentional on his part (like chewing through the power cord).
  • Avoiding attention: If your cat has had negative experiences with unfamiliar people or pets in the past, it could be difficult for him to approach them without feeling scared or anxious. This can also apply if there is loud noise nearby that makes him uncomfortable and makes him think that something dangerous is going on (such as fireworks).

Cat hiding behaviour can be a signal of stress and medical problems.

Cat hiding behaviour can be a sign of stress, but it is also a reaction to other stressful situations. In fact, cat hiding behaviour can be triggered by multiple factors including medical problems, behavioural issues, life changes and more.

A cat’s natural instinct is to hide when they feel threatened or afraid. This instinct helps them survive in the wild where they may need to escape from predators or fight an attacker. A domestic cat who has not been socialised with people will normally use their cat hiding behaviour as an attempt to avoid human interaction. Domestic cats who are not used to being around strangers often show signs of fear by going into hiding mode when someone unfamiliar approaches them or if they see something that scares them like an unfamiliar object on the floor (like a vacuum cleaner).


Cats are mysterious creatures. So when they start hiding all of a sudden, it can be very worrisome to their owners. If this is happening with your cat, take heart. It may have nothing to do with you as the owner! It could just be a normal behaviour that only means one thing: that your cat is stressed out right now and needs some time alone.

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